Sunday, 31 July 2016

Still nothing?

I'm afraid so. I have so many words that I could use, the joy of the english language, poetry of using one particular word when no other will do but I've been violated. It's been stolen from me. 

That sounds a little dramatic, even for me but it's true. It has only taken the wrong eyes to peer in at my stories with the agenda of tripping me up and I can write no more. Not on here anyway. Oh, didn't you know? 

Has anything changed? Much but of the same.  

Oh, do you want to know what has changed? Ask me. Use your voice.

I can tell you that I'm massively disappointed that people can be so unkind just because they feel like it. The difference is that I am not opening my door to it. Not anymore. It floods my home if I do and we are all affected by the unkindness and the spikey comments. 

Boring but true- do as you would be done by. 

As Always X

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