Saturday, 25 March 2017

Happy Mothers Day..

And it will be. For too many reasons to list. It will be a beautiful day filled with complete love (and a few irritations I'm sure) but for the main part of it, I will celebrate (internally and quietly) that I am a mother. I will remember how I got here (even more quietly) and respect my mother for giving me my life. 

Many comments have been made to me over the years that I have taken incredibly badly (way too sensitive I am told, yawn) but it is the other comments that have enabled me to stand taller, appreciate that I am allowed to feel happy and given me an inner strength to keep going forwards. I have absolutely no intention (ever) of allowing specks (or buckets) of doubt seep into my certainty and make me question the choice I have made. Absolute and completely right. 

The birds are singing to start this earlier than early Spring morning. I have a cup of coffee and three children in bed inside. The house is clean (enough) for me to leave it today and the dogs were walked for hours yesterday and bathed so all is well. I am going to my favourite shop (with three in tow) to buy some scent and a pair of jeans. Wish me luck..

If I could change the circumstances of how I got here, to this point today, I would in a instant but I can't. Truthfully, I still cannot believe that my sister isn't here. She's with Mum and I guess that's the next best place she could be on Mothering Sunday. 

As Always X

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