Thursday, 8 June 2017

And on..

So I've woken up this morning to an unexpected situation. Another drama. Ain't that the truth. I'm surprised that I have so many Tory voting friends or am I? I don't care how people vote, I do care that people vote for what they truly believe in not what they feel they should believe in.. A hung parliament. Apt words indeed. Let's hope they make the best of the situation we have put ourselves in. Ludicrous. 

This is the first opportunity that I've had to sit down and tap away at my desk. I have a new desk too. An old table actually. It's perfect. I hope. It seems to be perfect so far. Life works like that doesn't it. Throws things at us that might appeal so we grab the opportunity, the chance. It's all about making the effort. Stepping forwards to embrace a possibility and doing the best we can. I guess that's how I see life anyway. I know others might disagree with me, a few certainly will but in my humble opinion, you have to make life what you want it. With kindness and empathy.

I had my cards read many years ago and while clearing out my old desk to make way for the new one, I came across the notes I had written down. It was at a time in my life (isn't it always?) when everything felt upside down. I had just left London with my baby and had no idea what to do. I certainly hadn't found my purpose or my path. Not then. But I had determination. Thank God. That was 11 years ago. I have walked a few roads since that day and taken more turns that I expected. I have held a few hands, I have laughed, cried, screamed, kept quiet. I have fought for change and I have accepted things that I can't. I have lost my mother and my sister. And then having lost them, life was taken away from them both. I have friends who understand that I don't need understanding and I then have friends who don't.

Some little thing is shouting out, "Mummy" from his cot upstairs because I have unsuccessfully sneaked out for a quiet cup of coffee and some time alone. My life has changed. I have been thrown an opportunity which I have grabbed. With both hands and my heart.

"You will have three children"..

Hindsight, a wonderful thing. Thank you very much.

As Always X

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